Large diving centers have been set up for amateurs in several places along the coast, in the new Tabarka seaside resorts to the north, and in Port El Kantaoui near to the CMAS (Conféderation mondiale des activités subaquatiques) and are equipped with boats and their crews, diving monitors and specialised material( isothermal wet suits, face masks, air tanks compressors, etc.)

A diving school has also been set up at Monastir.

Underwater fishing at Tabarka

For underwater fishing, it is necessary to bring one's own equipment, and obtain details of conservationist underwater fishing restrictions from the National Tourist Office. In case of accident, there are decompression chambers at the Naval Station at Bizerta.

The islands of Zembra and La Galite are natural reserves and permission must be obtained to dive in these areas. La Galite is the home of colonies of seals and walrus.

    FAST (Fédération des Activités Subaquatiques de Tunisie)
    B.P. 46, Cité el Mahrajène - Tunis
    Tel : 216 1 234 041


    (the best season is from April to the end of October).

    Dive Centres
        The Mehari Diving Centre
            Mehari Tabarka Hotel
            8110 Tabarka
            Central office : 45, av. Habib Bourguiba - Tunis
            tel : 216 1 799 599
            Fax : 216 1 793 521

            Hotel Abou Nawas Montazah
            Cité El Habib - bloc B - appt 17
            2035 Les Berges du Lac
            Route Touristique - Tabarka
            Tel : 216 1 761 777 - 216 1 761 522
            Fax : 216 1 761 866
            (The center is open from March till December)

            Lessons for all levels; F.A.S.T. (fédération Tunisienne) C.M.A.S. and P.A.D.I.; exploration and night diving; underwater photo; diving safari.

        Loisirs de Tabarka
            Paradise Golf Hotel
            8110 Port de Plaisance de Tabarka
            Tel : 216 8 670 664
            Fax : 216 8 643 801
            Office : 7 rue d'Irak - Tunis Tel : 216 1 792 815
            Fax : 216 1 794 266

            (Diving center is open from April till November)

        Yachting Club Tabarka
            fishing port
            tel.216 8 644 478
            Affiliated with the C.M.A.S (Confederation Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques) and their diplomas recognized by this World Confederation.


    Tabarka's Main Diving Sites

        Tunnels Reef
        Situated less than 20 minutes by boat from Tabarka lies this extraordinary complex of tunnels, caves, caverns and gullies worn silky smooth by thousands of years of erosion.

        Grouper Rock
        Named after grouper fish, a protected species, which can be found in abundance in the area. Starting at about 24 metres below the water line, the giant rock is encrusted with a thick covering of algae and surrounded by large damselfish.

        Cap Tabarka
        Only ten minutes from the shore, the large rock is surrounded at its deepest levels by black and red corals.

        La Galite Island Wreck
        Dive centres run trips to the crescent shaped island, 35 miles north east of Tabarka, which provides one of the Mediterranean's last sanctuaries for colonies of monk seals, and is also home to puffins, petrels, silver gulls and terns. In 1958, a 60-metre boat came to the shore side of the island to seek shelter from a storm. The boat sank, which means that divers can now explore the wreck year-round in safe waters at depths of 25-30 metres.

Diving in Tunisia's eastern resorts is generally shore-based and suitable for leisure divers.

An important Roman town and naval base, Bizerte boasts underwater archaeological sites and plentiful rocks.

Just opposite the fort in the town centre, a 2nd World War wreck, set amongst algae-covered rocks harbouring a variety of large fish, can be found at 10-15 metres. For more advanced divers, there is a wreck at 20-30 metres in Yasmine Hammarnet.

Between Hammamet and Port el Kantaoui, Hergla's fascinating dive sites include sunken warships and aeroplanes, a reminder of the Second World War, as well as colourful underwater fauna.

    Dive Centres
        Sports et Loisirs du Sahel
            Port de Hergla
            Tel : 216 3 248 301

El Kantaoui
This popular resort offers several dive sites, including an intriguing wreck at 10-18 metres, within a relatively short distance of the shore. Small caves and rocks can be found alongside bountiful bream, grouper and eel.

    Dive Centres
        International Diving Center at Port El Kantaoui
            El Kantaoui, yacht basin
            tel.(03) 614 799.

            Affiliated with the C.M.A.S (Confederation Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques) and their diplomas recognized by this World Confederation.

        Club Sdanek Kantaoui
            B.P. 121, Port El Kantaoui
            Tel : 216 3 241 799

Star fish, sponges and rainbow wrasse can be seen at 5-15 metres. It is worth taking a boat trip to the Kuriat Islands, where giant turtle can be observed.

    Dive Centres
        Ecole de plongée de Monastir SHTT
            Ile des Monastères
            Tel : 216 3 661 156

        Club Festival
            Hotel Festival
            5000 Skanès - Monastir
            Tel : 216 3 467 494 - 216 3 467 479
            Fax : 216 3 467 477

In addition to a wide variety of fish and a large network of caves and tunnels, Mahdia is of special interest to the diver for its underwater archaeological sites. Many findings from these sites can be found in Tunis's famous Bardo museum.

    Dive Centres
        Le Mahlois Loisirs
            Hotel Abou Nawas
            B.P. 57, 5111 Hiboun Mahdia
            Tel : 216 3 680 300
            Fax : 216 3 680 405

Hidden caves and colourful fish can be seen at 6-10 metres. A wreck and eroded rocks are found a little further from the shore, at about 24 metres.

    Dive Centres
        Club Merry Land Djerba
            Hotel Djerba Menzel
            B.P. 163, 4116 Midoun-Djerba
            Tel : 216 5 750 300
            Fax : 216 5 657 124