Some of the top dives in the world are located in Africa - in Egypt, Sudan, Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania.

There are 38 countries in Africa that have a coastline. 
They border the Atlantic Ocean in the West, the Red Sea in the North East, the Indian Ocean in the East and the Mediterranean Sea in the North. 

The coast of Mozambique is fantastic, from Whales and Mantas to leaf fish and harlequin shrimps. 

Eritrea Dive Sites


There are lots of fish. In Massawa it is lots of plankton in the water. You must be accompanied by a Dept. of Marine Affairs guide. The equipment is in excellent condition and hassle-free. The local people are nice, and the local fish fare is terrific.

Dahlak Islands

Dahlak Islands are in the Red Sea off the coast of Eritrea. Outstanding visibility, bold coral formqtions, and no people. You can eat the barracuda and they are delicious

Egypt Dive Sites

Mangrove Bay

Its run by Ducks Diving Centre in Hurghada. Shore diving and day boats 300 km south of Hurghada. The rare Dugong live here. In calm weather you can go to Elphinstone.


Taba on the Red Sea offers some great diving and in quite pristine conditions. There are some newly opened sites which are accessible by boat. They offer some beautiful and untouched coral. The fish life is not as rich as further south - morays, lionfish, wrasse, and octopus.
Aqua-Sport have their own boat at the Taba Hilton.