South Africa’s diversity of dive sites can meet all your scuba diving desires.   

South Africa has 3,000km of coastline. To the East coast of South Africa lies the Indian Ocean. To the West coast is the Atlantic Ocean

There are 2,000 species of fish, 35 species of whale and dolphin.
The best time to dive the Atlantic coast of South Africa is in summer, between October - February.

The dive sites in South Africa range from temperate to tropical. The kelp forests and cold water corals of the West Coast and Cape Town gradually fade as you move East towards the beautiful soft coral reefs of the Garden Route, while the warm Agulhas current, kisses and caresses the coast near Sodwana Bay and supports the most southerly hard coral reef systems in the world. In between lies the Wild Coast, marking a fascinating transition from tropical to temperate waters.

South Africa is known with a large population of white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias)

Cape Town Dive Package

Cape Town Dive Package

Includes cage dives and pelagic shark dive.
Superior Accommodation.

Price:  ZAR 23,500 per person sharing.
Enjoy this epic diving tour: This diving package is designed to showcase the best diving Cape Town has to offer. The tour is available from March to May, and is designed to coincide with the Pelagic Shark and Cage Diving seasons. The tour includes seal and cow shark dives and an extended dive charter exploring False Bay.

Cape Town dive package: The exact dive sites an itinerary will depend on conditions and shark activity at the time. Pelagic shark trips require good offshore conditions. Cow shark dives, seal dives and exploration charters may be changed around to suit.



Dive Aliwal Shoal

Accommodation 7 nights and 12 dives:
Includes all meals and 2 x baited dives.
From ZAR 16,000 per person sharing. 

Aliwal Shoal Dive Package:  includes 12 dives. Dive sites include the Aliwal Shoal sites, the Produce and Nebo wrecks, Alan’s Cave and the Southern Reefs, Landers, Fern, Cowrie. The dive package includes two baited dives, where you can enjoy diving at close quarters with numerous oceanic blacktip sharks (C. limbatus), with 50 sharks around the “bait-ball”, there is constant action, while the presence of a tiger shark is always the highlight of the dive!