Centre de plongée d’el Kantaoui is the only diving centre in town of Kantaoui

The people at the diving centre are nice and helpful. 
Hassan is a very good commercial diver and has a lot of experience.

The diving location has depth between 9m and 12m and there are caves - “swim through” holes in between the rocks.

The wildlife is not particularly rich and there are some of the most common large fishes that you are can find everywhere in Mediterranean waters.

The most interesting fishes are groupers and purple sea slug. 

You will be given an octopus with your regulator if you ask for it.

The fins are VERY old but they do the job. 

The tanks are in good state and you get 200 bars in it.

  • Hassen Baccouche - Gérant
  • Address: BP 121 - Port El Kantaoui, 4088 Hammam Sousse
  • Tel/Fax: 216 3 246 274


Centre de Plongée d’El Kantaoui (SDANEK S.A.R.L.) direct


Center open from March to October 50 full rental sets of SCUBAPRO equipment, 2 boats can accomodate 40 divers.

Diving Activities:

Courses for beginners. French State and CMAS certification. Exploration and night dives. Diving for children from 10 years.+


Qualified instructors (French Federation, CMAS).


List on request. Tunisian Tourist Office in Paris: Tel. 33 01 47 42 72 67.

Diving environment:

Abundant underwater life. Rocks, caves and wreck. School specialized for beginners.